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You’ll get outstanding customer service.
– Denise

24 7 Traveling Notary

24h notary Houston - best 24 7 travel notary in Texas

I’m here to help you by providing expert services as a Texas 24 7 traveling notary and certified loan signing agent (NNA).

Whenever and wherever you need legal validation of contracts, deeds, wills, powers of attorney, affidavits, administer oaths or affirmations, and certify copies of original documents, I’ll come to you to help.

With my knowledge of handling loan documents, I’m the link that lenders and title companies need to secure the loan. As an entrepreneur, I’m dedicated to giving clients the best service and building strong relationships with borrowers, title companies, and signing agents.

I’d love to work with you and your borrowers, family members, business partners, or relatives to reach your goals and be protected in the process!

– Denise

Quick tips for choosing the best traveling notary for your needs

When choosing a notary, it is essential to do your research and select a reputable individual. Even if you are in a hurry, spend at least 15 minutes to find out:

Please, scroll and discover why Denise is the perfect choice for you.

What is special about 24h traveling notary Right on Tyme

“My name is Shantel, but you can call me Denise. I’m the owner of 24h traveling notary Right on Tyme.

Knowing that your trust must be earned and believing nobody should brag about themselves, I’ll let my clients speak about me.”

“My mom had an unexpected health challenge that landed her in the hospital. We had always talked about getting paperwork in line, but had never done it. Shantell came through for us with same day service, in the hospital. Answered all our questions. Very friendly and polite. Communicated at all times, and even provided the 2nd witness we needed. Don’t hesitate to use her service. It was fast and easy!!”

-Lady Tee-

Denise is such a nice professional notary , she notarized my mother’s home deed within 1hour of calling her. it was very last minute but she came through efficiently and friendly.

-Burnell Sodipe-

Denise is the best , she helped me out with creating a sales agreement, she is so professional and on time , fast and reliable. Love her work and energy. Definitely will be my first choice all Time . Thank you

-Tamara Alaraj-

Denise was very professional with my call for Real Estate documents.She arrived at the set location when her ETA said she would. I would definitely use this company again

-Ty Smith-

Miss Denise rescued me out of a bind last minute today with my I-9 form. With her swift help, I avoided termination! She’s very sweet, diligent and a godsend, truly!!!!! She is 1000% THE person I would recommend for quick and efficient notarizing needs!

-Clint Toran-

Denise - 24h travelling notary in Houston with huge experience and implacable track record

It has been an honor to serve my customers and clients for years. I have been granted the privilege of witnessing some of their most important moments, from buying a new home to getting divorced and caring for elderly patients in nursing homes.

All these experiences have given me a greater understanding of what it takes to serve you better, and for that, I’m genuinely grateful.

Witnessing these key moments in my customers’ and clients’ lives has been humbling and helped me understand what it takes to serve you better.

With this knowledge, I can give more thoughtful care and appreciation while helping you achieve your goals.

– Denise
24h notary Houston - best 24 7 mobile notary

Insurance coverage for notary and signing services

24h notary Houston insured up to one million png format

As a client of a Notary, insurance coverage gives peace of mind knowing that you are protected against any potential errors that may occur during the notarization process.

The financial coverage for legal costs and potential liability included with this type of insurance will help ensure that any losses or damages resulting from mistakes made by the Notary are addressed accordingly.

Insurance coverage also ensures that your best interests are considered even under challenging circumstances, making it an invaluable part of the Notary process.

“With E&O omission policy of 1 million, I guarantee you are safe with me.”

– Denise

24h notary Certifications

To serve you better, Denise gained:

  1. Basic Notary training
  2. Advanced Notary training with NNA certification
  3. Loan Signing System certification

That means that she has the highest possible training, knowledge, and experience to help you with:

  • understanding the laws, regulations, and standards of notarization;
  • comprehending the different types of notarizations, such as acknowledgments, jurats, oaths, affidavits, and copies of documents;
  • properly authenticating signatures;
  • understanding legal requirements when dealing with special populations or electronic signers;
  • avoiding common mistakes when signing loan documents;
  • ethical considerations you might have.

Loan Signing System Certification gave Denise all the necessary knowledge to help you

  1. understand all the intricate details of loan documents;
  2. properly prepare, review, and process them.

Denise will explain the rights of borrowers, assist in disclosing any pertinent information for each loan transaction, answer any questions a borrower may have about loan terms, and provide sound advice to customers when needed

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If you want to know me better

Denise Shantel mobile notary services Texas

Let’s never stop learning and challenging ourselves to be our best selves, wherever that may be.

Here’s to us! thank you God for helping me turn my water into wine 🍷

I firmly believe in this quote “ when the student is ready the teacher appears”. 

My idea of fun…. Is a glass of Cabernet with old school music.

I live by the belief that light comes with darkness, and whilst you may never know what is going to come your way or how God will answer your prayers, the one thing you can control is how you choose to respond and be thankful.

Want to know more about me? Please, check my posts on LinkedIn.

– Denise


Please contact Denise directly with any questions, comments, or scheduling inquiries you may have concerning 24h traveling notary and signing services.

24h Travel Notary Houston Tx

“As hundreds of people trusted me, whenever and wherever you need a 24h traveling notary, contact me, and I will help you.”

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